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  1. lisa fahey said:

    hey,tanya Attended your awesome concert in Newport Ky last month,also met your youngest daughter and son Gracen.I was so impressed with the talent of your children,please encourage them in their journey,country music needs true young talent. Ha tell Gracen to keep sadie close to bus she likes to roam,Looking forward to another concert,and possibly meeting you.Love and prayers Lisa F

  2. Texas boy said:

    did you sell the truck? If not where can I go to get details?

  3. James Noble said:

    Kisses Tanya! I enjoyed dealing to you and Presley at the IP a few weeks ago, you two are a hoot! So much fun! When are you coming back? Bartlo and I will be waiting! Give me a shout kk. Bye!!

  4. Terrilyn said:

    Tanya I would love that truck for my son!but there is no way we can afford something like that!but I hope you sell it and it Blesses the person who buys it!God Bless you and your family I miss your concerts!

  5. Terrilyn said:

    Hi Tanya i hope all is well with you!i just want you to know I would love to buy that truck!But their is no way I can so I hope you sell and I hope the person that buys it Blesses them! i miss your concerts!You have always been A wonderful singer God Bless you and your family

  6. Vickie said:

    I’ve always been a fan!!!
    I, as many have, use to sing to your albums!! My ex-father-in-law said, at the time, he couldn’t tell us apart!
    Wish I had gotten over my stage fright, maybe I could have made it too.
    Will never know now!
    Best of all to you, and yours!!!!
    Just an old girl from Kansas!

  7. Greg said:

    Hey Tanya, I’ve been a fan since San Antonio Stroll, but you’re not dead! That’s great. Are you healthy?

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    June 12, 2011


    Eldon Ostrom said:

    June 10, 2011

    > Tanya:

    > I am writing on behalf of my Autistic son, Sheldon Ostrom of Bryson, Quebec, Canada.

    > Sheldon who is now 21 was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. As you
    > may not know Sheldon is like the character that is portrayed in the movie “Rain Man”.

    > He is very intelligent in one specific subject and in our case it
    > nothing but COUNTRY MUSIC, since birth. He can tell you all the information
    > on all the country stars, from Carl Smith, Kitty Wells, Faron Young in the
    > 50′s right up to present day entertainers from Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks,
    > Alan Jackson and even all about your life, Tanya Tucker He knows
    > birthdates, C.D. titles, awards given, (dates included), statistics, Record
    > Labels etc…etc…all from memory.

    > Recently Sheldon met George Jones when he came to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,

    last fall. Upon meeting George he said “You are George Jones and you are a
    > living legend”. He then proceeded to tell him his birthdate, #1 records and
    > the dates and years when they were released, when he was inducted into the
    > Hall of Fame, Living Legend Award, Songs and Albums that he had released and
    > had won awards for, and even on what date he married Tammy Wynette, when she
    > died and even a list of all the duets that they had done together, all from
    > memory. He not only studies this, I believe that he has a photographic
    > memory. Country Weekly is his all time favourite magazine and in 1977, when
    > Tim McGraw came to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, he had the chance to have a Meet
    > & Greet with Tim and also a picture taken .

    > Sheldon has had the honour of meeting many country entertainers over his
    > life span of 21 years, including JoDee Messina, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson,
    > George Jones, Charley Pride, Tracey Lawrence and many more to name a few.
    > We are very fortunate that all country music entertainers recognize his
    > handicap, and his extreme interest and love for Country Music. This is his
    > life. HE LIVES FOR COUNTRY MUSIC. His room is a shrine of pictures and
    > autographs that he has on his wall. Every night before he goes to sleep he
    > says his prayers and says goodnight to all his country music friends which
    > surrounds him while he sleeps. He also listens to the Country music station
    > all night long.

    It would be an honour and a pleasure for him to be able to
    meet Tanya and to be able to add her picture on his wall next to all his Country Music Friends.

    Tanya is coming to our area this summer as part of the Carp Fair, in Carp, Ontario, Canada on Friday, September 23rd, 2011

    and it would be an honour if Sheldon could meet Tanya just for a few moments prior to the show to get an autograph and a picture taken with

    P.S. (I am contacting you early enough to increase my chances of this happening.)

    If you could please send us a pass (either by e-mail or regular mail) in
    order for Sheldon to meet Tanya Tucker it would be much appreciated and
    would mean the world to Sheldon.

    We already have our tickets for the show.

    If this is at all possible, I would appreciate if I would be able to
    accompany Sheldon for this Meet & Greet, as he is not able to go on his own.

    Looking forward to hearing from you:

    > Eldon Ostrom
    > (Sheldon’s Dad)
    > eostrom@persona.ca
    > Mail:
    > Mr. Eldon Ostrom
    > 520 Route # 148
    > Box 63
    > Bryson, Quebec
    > Canada
    > J0X 1H0
    > Phone: (819) 648 2078

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    June 27, 2011


    Shirley Bonta said:

    Tanya…I miss you not recording like you use to……and I miss you not living in Arrington,Tn. I thought I would get to see you perform at the Grand Ole Opry but now you have moved to California…and I have moved to Bowling Green,Ky. But I can still get to Nashville….I hope you start recording more….I just love to hear you sing….I hope you & your family are in good health and enjoy living in Calif. I hear it’s a fast pace life style….God Bless you all……

  10. Mary Mahaney said:

    Hello Ms. Tucker. My sister in law works and owns a daycare in Gallatin, Tenn. She just told me that your assistant contacted them to come and get some things for their daycare since you were moving. That was very nice of you to donate things you no longer needed for your children. I loved your music growing up. I will be 50 in Dec of 2011. I am going thru treatment for Breast Cancer. I was raised a penticostal Preachers daughter and sing and play music in church. My love is gospel and country music. Maybe someday I just might get to meaet you but thats wishful thinking. But if not I pray that God blesses you for what you have done to help the daycare in Gallatin Tenn. God Bless. Mrs. Mary Mahaney 8720 spring valley lane Indianapolis, Indiana 46231 1(317)840 2998 marymahaney1@hotmail.com

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    July 21, 2011


    tricia howell said:

    Hey T how much are you asking, what year is it, is it a diesel, is it a 4×4, how many miles does it have?
    xo Tricia

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    July 24, 2011


    Rocky B. said:

    Tanya, we sure do miss you here in the Pittsburgh,Pa area.it’s been a long time since you visited us here at Star Lake. Hope everyone is healthy and happy in Calif.Just have to ask;will you please record some Christmas songs sometime.I always ask this when I come to your Meet and Greet.
    God Bless You
    Rocky and Pam

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    August 6, 2011


    Jim Marvin said:

    Enclosed please find a check in the amount of $46.28 for your truck. When will it be delivered to Michigan?

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    August 18, 2011


    chad lee said:

    Hey Tanya I’ll be at the N.W washington
    fair Thursday 7:30 I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU!!! Love your music and your tv show

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    August 19, 2011


    Jim & Marilynn said:

    Thank you for a great concert last night at the
    Fair in Lynden.Sorry the sound guy had problems.
    You sounded great beginning to end . . . . Just too
    short . . . .

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    August 20, 2011


    Billy Dixon said:

    Hello Tanya, I ran onto a guy that said he used to play guitar in your band a quite a few years ago. He name is Rick Muirhead, Is this true?
    Thanks Billy Dixon

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    August 20, 2011


    Billy Dixon said:

    email dixonbp@aol.com

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    August 29, 2011


    shelly spain said:

    hope alls going well out there in caly you may not remember me but my daughter whent to school with your grayson and presly i worked on your farm a few times balling hay for your horses and working on your flower beds your parents loved chelsy , oh chelsy says hi and she misses grayson we all miss you all hope you come to mi soon let me know if you do with love the spain family from the old burns farm

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    August 29, 2011


    shelly spain said:

    my daughter chelsy turns 21 on the 17 of september would love for your family to be here your a big insperation to her shes still practicing like you told her lol

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    September 12, 2011


    Chris said:

    Tanya, great job on what used to be Presley’s truck!! It’s mine now….. Thanks for letting J deal with me over the past few months. Rest assured it will be well taken care of. The only thing it’s missing is your signature in the glove box……….. Thanks again and Happy Trails!!!


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    September 25, 2011


    Oscar Santiago said:

    When I listen to your songs, all my worries and stress disappear. You are a legend.

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    September 26, 2011


    Chris and Nicole said:

    Hey Tanya
    We travelled 2 hours to see your show @ Carp fair, Ontario,Canada.
    My,my,my you are so talented. I’ve been a fan forever and have wanted to see you for along long time…the wait was worth all. Your fans are very important to you and you make it so obvious.Your music is so personal and real. I really wish you would come to KingstonOnt.Canada to perform.I’ll be watching for you.

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    September 26, 2011


    Karen said:

    Hey Tanya, Just saw you at the Carp Fair, you were awesome; and so was your daughter Presley. Good job ladies. Nothing like some good ole country music.

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    September 28, 2011


    Janelle Gross said:

    Hay Tanya,I have been listening to your music for a very long time.You & i are the same age!My birthdat is Sept. 4th,1958 & Your Oct.10th,1958.Why have’nt you been on t,v. doing concert’s? It would be awesome to see you do a come back!!!I can’t find any of your CD’s in the store’s here in Buffalo??I have been ill for a while now,but i try every day to keep going.It would be nice to see you in concert here.I use to watch your program Tuckersville i really enjoyed your family it was great.

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    October 15, 2011


    Terry said:

    Tanya, I think you are terrific. I’ve been in love with you since I heard you sing when I came back from Viet Nam in 1972.
    I love your voice and the way you sing. God bless you and yours. Stay well and happy.

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    October 17, 2011


    Mark said:

    Hello Tanya, As I young man I used to walk a little further to catch my school bus on the corner near a recording studio in Little Rock, AR..Used to hear this fantastic music coming from that building and everybody told me that was you and your band rehearsing. I’m a couple of years younger than you. Just remember days of hearing music up above coming from the building windows thinking someday I sure would like to meet whoever that is singing that killer country music. Every morning I would make a special effort to be at the corner bus stop just to see if I could hear a little bit of someting special. Please let me know if that was you and your band. If so, little did I know how special those memories would be. Thank you for all your dedication to your music and one great song after another!

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